A Message from the President...

Hello, I am Dr. Tidalgo. In the past 20 years, I have devoted my practice to caring for homebound patients; people who have recently been discharged from hospitals or who need medical care but are unable to go to a doctor’s clinic without great physical difficulty or taxing effort. Davicare Home Medical Services was founded with one theme in mind, i.e. “a passion for caring”. My staff and I are committed to doing precisely just that. Our patient’s comfort and well-being is our top priority. We accomplish this by developing an excellent rapport with our patients, getting to know them, their family or caregivers on a personal level. We exercise extra care with our bedside interactions to keep our patients at ease and comfortable throughout the treatment process.


We can have diagnostic services done in the comfort of your home such as x-ray, echocardiogram, and doppler services. If a more comprehensive diagnosis is needed such as MRI, MRA, CTA, bone-density mammography, EMG, EEG, CAT scan, CT scan, etc., Davicare can arrange or refer the patients to the appropriate facility and quite often, transportation services are provided.

Our goal is for our patients to have access to as many services as possible beyond those that we already provide in order to promote complete healing and optimum care coordination. And to this end, Davicare created and maintained its network of independent ancillary medical providers including:

In the event that you need specialist services such as orthopedic, ophthalmologist, oncologist, and other medical specialists, we can refer you to them though a wide network of physicians in the tri-county area.

If you need to be confined in a hospital, you can go to your hospital of choice or be referred to a hospitalist group who will take care of you during your hospital stay.

As you can see, we strive to make it possible to bring the full array of medical care and treatment to homebound citizens of our beloved community and quite often at no cost to many qualified patients.

To learn more about us, call (248) 785-1000. We may be able to schedule your first visit next week if not sooner depending on your situation.

At your service,
Ralph J. Tidalgo, M.D.